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Revamp // Update

Its June, holy momo fishballs i don't even know,

I can't believe we are half done with 2016. But still, June means holiday and welp, still nothing much to update on about my life since I legit stay home all the freaking time that my parents and my brothers are trying to push me out of the house. I don't get it. Shouldn't they be happy that I'm not out there tryna pick up bad habits? Or are they just tired of seeing my face

Okay, they did mention how seeing me giggling while i'm on my phone creeps them out, hmmm.
Doesn't it ring the bell? Me yabbering about how i'm homed everyday during holiday /facepalm/ it sounds pathetic, ahhh.

Anyways, I'm back with a small update on my life, and my blog.

New blog design

Yes! New blog design. I loveeeee it. I actually purchased it from Fearne, and I went crazy re-designing it. Not to mention that the owner was super friendly and helpful like omg I love her/him so much. I was actually very shameless when it comes to asking question (i did feel guilty for asking so many questions..) but luckily, the owner was really patient with me despite me asking so many questions. Previously, I purchased a blog template from another Etsy shop and the owner actually stopped me from asking questions (oopss) so I actually had a little phobia to contact the owner for coding questions.

Thank you Fearne! <3

Deleting old posts

I did.. Okay I didn't really delete them, I put some of them in the draft. I feel like those post aren't me being me since i just started out and i was abit lost in my way, so I decided to eliminate them from my blog. Thus, I only have a few post left on my blog.

Update // June

• Mid-year exam finally ended! I must say I improved (yeh bro i'm shameless). Mostly because the teacher said that I can only drop out of Design & Technology if I can pass all my subjects and I was dying to drop out of that subject so i did study a little. I didn't do well, all of my subject (other than Mandarin and Math) were just a pass. But compared to my previous test, I did well hahaha. Definitely passed my Mandarin, I'm confident with it since failing it would mean that I failed my life (nahh joking. but thats the goal I set for myself soo)
But, for my math, ughh. I was just 3 marks away to a pass if I remember correctly. If the teacher decided to be a asshole and fail me on dropping out, I'm going to fight her. joking im sorry i love you mdm xxx

• Repair my phone. Ohgod I broke my phone again. The LCD inside spoiled and thats the most expensive thing in the mobile phone i guess. It costs $280 to get it fixed... Even if its gonna get repair, I'm still worried since some repair store aren't honest. They might take out your original pieces and replace it with some poor quality ones. Or maybe after repair, your phone will become laggy.. Infinite worries and overthinking. It comes from experience though! There was once we paid over 300 SGD just to get my phone screen changed because we were scammed by dishonest owner. I was so pissed off I wanted to confront them but my mom told me to let it go. *fingercross* nothing will go wrong.

• Get my passport done. You know how it feels when your family are traveling during holiday and you are just like 带我走~~ ( a song from 楊丞琳 Rainie Yang lmao. Direct translate it means take me away. Can be also used to say bring me along )

Until next time.



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