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5 months later

It has been 5 months since I last updated on this blog?? Things got so crazy and so many things happened within these 5 months. I did my End Of Year Exam, got promoted to Secondary 4, and started finding a part-time job.

Anyways, I actually still have an August Update sitting in my Draft, but I've decided not to post it up since the timing just ain't right haha. I wanna talk about it since August was my birthday month, but my lazy ass just didn't manage to finish that post and therefore it goes down to the draft "drain".

Therefore, this post shall be a summary of what I've been loving or doing during these 5 months!

Dramas / Series & Movies

C'mon, what's new about me talking about drama (whatever Kdrama Jdrama idk) this and that. Since July, there's so many new dramas and movies hmm. 

Love in Moonlight // Scarlet Heart: Ryeo
Yas Park Bogum be stealing every female's heart and the female lead is so damn cute. But i hate how sad and torturing the story was. I mean, things get heavy when you watch it with Scarlet Heart:Ryeo. Both drama aired at the same time and they're somewhat similar in terms of people fighting for the emperor position ect. Then it goes on and on torturing us viewers because the couple just cant seem to live happily ever after. Like there must be something that'd happen and spoil all the pinky atmosphere we had in the previous episode. 

Vampire Diaries Season 8
I know that for every season of Vampire Diaries, there will be a new "big monster" that they will be fighting against, but ohmy i hate the new one in season 8. She's a jealousy bitch who expects Enzo and Damon to be all over their knees for her. Sorry for all the shade but, phew. 

On the brighter side, Damon looking hot af after he flipped his switch off (humanity switch ;) )

Death Note
CHILDHOOD MEMORIES ANYONE? Ok i know its weird to have such a killer vibe movie to be one's childhood memories but yeah. Death Note 1 & 2 was amazing! I love L especially. However, the new Death Note this year disappoints me quite a little. The new Kira and L's character is absolutely not what their original character should be. What triggered me the most was that L, the well known sugar addict, drinks healthy strawberry juice or idk what juice was that.

I have a lot more to say but that would be too much dissing and negativity. Don't get me wrong though. I'm still looking forward to watch the 2016 movie version despite feeling huge disappointment from the drama ver.

Currently in "Idk" state

Honestly after I completed my End Of Year exam, I'm stuck in this "idk" state. I don't know whats my interest/talent, i don't know where i wanna go after I finish my 4 years in Secondary School, i don't know which course I wanna take. Everything is like ?????? for me right now. I know, people always say "don't rush yourself, you will eventually find something you enjoy doing. " and i really hope i do find one someday.

Back to blogging

I feel like everytime I blog, i'd have to start off by apologizing and explaining why i disappeared. Sometimes it's really because I'm busy, but mostly because i was just lazy. I can't promise that I will update my blog frequently, but I'm definitely not giving up on this blog. I know that this blog isn't a blog that people would actually include in their blogroll / favorite blog, and that I only have not even 10 readers. But i truly hope one day, someone would tell me how much my blog entertained them.
Oh, and i really wanna make some blogger friends though! If you wanna make friends with me then just email me? <3 I'd love to make friends and chat.

Struggling with new blog name

My domain name is actually ending soon in late November or December, and I've decided that I wanna change the name. How many times have I switched blog names ugh. However, theres this word, or this name that catches my heart, Rosé. I came across this word when I was watching Wine Mom and thats Hannah's favorite wine. Ironically, i don't drink wine. Or to be exact, I can't drink wine, because I'm under age (duhh). But this word is just, so... elegant(?) if i have to find a word to describe it.

Sadly, I still cant find other words to match with that word. If you have any idea, feel free to tell me!

Until next time.



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