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2016 December Favorites

First time doing this monthly favorite thing, but I figured out it would be better if I just put all my favorites in one post for the month.

Firstly, let's talk about blogging, then we move on to the rest.

Dividing things with sub headings

I'm in love with the simplicity! Dividing the topics I'm going to talk about in a post with sub headings made everything so easy, I can no longer go back to the old blogging way! Kind of inspired by the whole bullet journal thing going on these days, just that I chat a lot more and used it on my blog rather than a journal, which I do not own.

Discovering blogs

I feel the need to talk about the blogs I've been reading this month and I'm still looking forward to more posts - Tanaditya, Deluminators, and Brunch at Audrey's. Do post more babe (omg I'm so cringey lmao, don't hate me for that //im just a little thick skin// hope to know you guys more though! :D)

Dramas, series ect.

Goblins *kdrama

No, not those scary looking ones you see when you google. It's the one that looks like a hot ass mid 30 ajusshi (uncle in korea) whom is immortal and looking for his bride so that she can help him end his long life. So far two episodes only, my siblings and I are already in love. It's funny, magical, and romantic at the same time.

The Walking Dead

I have a love-hate relationship with this series, but it's the only series I'm currently watching whilst I wait for Vampire Diaries to update (and they take FOREVER to update ohgod). To be honest, I gotta be a shady bitch again and talk about how much the character pisses me off. The humans in this series are scarier than the walkers, it never fails to make my blood boil. However, I do appreciate the good ones though; Daryl, for example, super sweetheart and kind.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I know, what a weird name? But this drama is so freaking nice I can't even. NAM JOOHYUK. YG entertainment's model / actor. He has been on my favourite actor list ever since he was in School 2015, and this new drama makes me love him more than I should haha.

Legend of the blue sea

Everyone went crazy over Lee Minho, but I prefer the female lead and Tae-Oh more... Tae-Oh definitely reminds me of Song Joongki, it's like SJK's long lost twins or something. I won't talk about the story much aye, not going to be a spoiler <3

What have you been loving this month? 

Until next time.



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