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My 2017 Goals

Merry (super) belated Christmas! I can't believe December is ending soon, like real soon. 2017, an important year for me; major exams and finally the last year of my Secondary school life.

Study plan. Omg, crazy. I've never had a study plan before in my entire life (does that makes it even crazier lol). As I mentioned, major exams. Therefore, I have to start making plans (whispers) and actually follow it.
ps. I haven't even start on my holiday assignments pfft.

Credit Card. I'm definitely, confirm plus chop (lmao #singaporeansjoke) gonna get myself a credit card next year. It has been a pain in the ass for quite a long time since I'm such a online shopaholic, with no access to pay with credit card. And I have to shamelessly ask my mom for her's so that I can purchase things online *facepalm*.

Coloured Hair. I'm soooo gonna dye my hair after I graduate (which is like near the end of 2017? lmao). I can't imagine my hair in pink, bright red, or purple colour. It makes me excited just by thinking about it!

Be happy. No matter how good or poor my results will be, no matter how many friend I'm going to gain/lose, I hope that I can be happy next year, and love myself a bit more in 2017.

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoy 2016 till it's last day. If you didn't, then I hope your 2017 will be super amaze-ball and happy. Always stay healthy and happy. Love yourself, and don't forget to love me. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated <3

Until next time.



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