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My Top 5 Kdramas

Also known as my favorite topic to talk about. It gets me so hyper and excited heh. My top 5 Kdrama — that I love and forever wanna re-watch. Basically, I watch a lot of Kdramas, but there's only a few that I truly love and would actually re-watch the whole drama after it ended. And today, I'm gonna share it with you guys (because why not, right?)

Descendants Of The Sun

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Yesyesyesyes say yes to Song Joongki /scream/. Honestly my ultimate favorite drama. I know that the craze about it are long gone, but I truly am a fan of this drama. Be it for the actors or the story itself — me, hands down, in love. I swear to god I re-watched this drama at least five times and I can assure you that I'd never get tired of it. Let's be honest, Song Joongki is fine af. Hes not the type that gives you the "I'm a flower boy" feel, but the type that gives you the "I'm a trustworthy men and you can rely on me" feel. I mean, he looks clean. YEAH WTH, CLEAN?! But yes, clean. I love how his short hair makes him look clean, neat, and tidy. Obviously he has a short hair because hes supposed to be a soldier right? I normally go for flower boys, just my personal preference, but Song Joongki is one of the exception I guess.

Now that we are done with me expressing my love for Song Joongki, let's talk about the story. Soldier and doctor. Sounds like a fantasy aye? Probably only happens in the manga or novel I read. But when someone acts it out, done. Dead. My life is complete. Well the main point is when someone that good looking acts it out. Oops. But okay, I'd say it's more like a satisfy-my-imagination thing going on here.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

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Loving my Bokjoonhyung ship. Officially in love with (I'm gonna use this phrase so many times in this post ohmy) with this two YG models. Firstly, Nam Joohyuk's height. C'mon, Lee Sungkyung is like what? 174cm? And Nam Joohyuk is almost one head taller than her. Shook. How tall is he?! Long leg oppa :')

And what hits me the most is that I feel extra relatable to this drama, I actually feel the sadness when Bok Joo got insulted.

There was this part where Bok Joo and her friends were eating after the running competition, and the uncles from another table insulted them and made fun of their sizes. It got me so hard that I actually teared up because I feel so relatable to it.

People often assume that you're strong because you're big in sizes, and that you can do everything on your own because you're two times bigger than the other girls whom wears a size S shirt. They assume that you don't have a feeling, they assume that you don't get hurt when you get laughed at. They expect you to laugh everything off because you're not the same as the average girls.

I feel extremely thankful when a guy says something like "hey stop doing that, she's a girl" — I'm not sure whether I deserve to feel that way because my size doesn't change the fact that I'm a human being with feelings. And just like any other girls, I'd love to be taken care of.

This drama makes me envy. Envy that Bok Joo has that Joonhyung in her life. And it makes me want to have my Joonhyung in my life too.


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Why isn't W-Two Worlds your favorite drama of Lee Jongsuk? You might be curious or maybe not. To explain myself, that's because W is too mind blowing for me. When it first came out, I find it interesting and it was amazing how it totally change my impression of the typical romance Kdrama. In the middle of it, things got so crazy and mind blowing I started getting tired of it due to all the brain work needed. At the end of it, the part when the father's face was gone, I lost my shit. Holy that was the creepiest thing I've ever seen in an Kdrama.

Sorry that I got distracted haha. Back to Pinocchio! At first I was kind of skeptical whether I should watch it because the way my oldest brother described it was plain confusing. But after watching it I must say I kind of fall in love with Lee Jongsuk?? HAHA YES ONE DRAMA ONE HUSBAND. And I love how this drama contains so many 壁咚 (direct translate: wall thud) idk how to explain this but its something like that ⬇

Although I must say things got complicated after the brother came in but overall I guess its okay and the story itself are quite meaningful too.

You're Beautiful

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I'm not sure if people around my age knows this drama since it's kind of more popular during my cousin's (whom is 26 now) era, but I myself am in love with this drama. Yet another Park Hyeshin drama, yes. And there's even CNBLUE's Yonghwa (lmao I feel sorry for him in the picture). I really don't know how to describe this drama other than saying it's very korea drama-ish? Becoming an idol and eventually falling in love with one, dramatic things like that I guess. Oh and the musics are nice, totally brings back the memories. I'd say it's a really cute drama heh. 

Mischievous Kiss

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Legendary Kdrama for me. I've watched every version of Mischievous kiss from different countries (except for the original Japan ones; the one all the way back to the year when I wasn't even born, because I really can't take the low quality...) and the Korea ones are the second best in my opinion. The top one for me is the latest Japan version ones, which I will talk about it in the future, not now. This drama shows you that it's not impossible or just a wild dream to get yourself that hottest/popular guy in your school. All you need is determination 😂

Happy Chinese New Year

Same old thing. I started writing this post after I published my first 2017 post, and it's already the 31st January...

CNY have always been the period of time I look forward to the most during the month of January to Febuary. Not just because of the angbaos (red packet, aka money *wink*) I can get, but also because of the atmosphere. I love how everyone celebrates it and during that period of the time, everything seem to be just happiness and people rarely hold grudges — Oh, and all the hotpot gatherings we have, which is tasty af.

Until next time.



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