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Moon Diary 001

Gosh, I tried so hard to come up with a title for this sort of 'update' posts without using the word update. I ended up using the word 'refresh' as you can define it as give new strength/energy, or update something (yes I know, it's update something on display, but who really cares?) Glad to know that I'm already chattering non stop before I even start on the main things, great.

01. I have been replaying K.A.R.D's Don't Recall 24/7hr since Saturday because I found out how amazing they are.

02. In love with all of the members. Jiwoo my girl crush, J.Seph my boy crush, BM the deep voice rapper, Somin the power vocalist :')

03. Kind of in love with Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花) too HAHA.

04. Catching up on Vampire Diaries because the website I used to watch it broke down and I'm wayyy not updated with the new episodes.

05. Thinking of revamping this whole blog. The theme and name just don't feel right for me anymore.

06. Had a writer's block tbh. I feel the urge to write, but whenever I start typing, nothing comes out.

07. Trying to make time for my best friend who is going to leave Singapore soon...

08. Enjoying Sum's Wish (Kuzu no Honkai). I prefer the real life version drama more than the manga & anime version, but I guess it's kind of M18 😂. Kind of scared I will get arrest for watching it, but that's okay.

09. I'd say Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is lit af ❤. //Hungsik is so fine though.

10. Decided to go with the name Luna online.

Until next time.



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Hi, I'm Luna and this is my online journal.

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