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Current Home and Lock Screen

I guess the previous update was a little emotional, a little heavy, and I'd like to post about something that is less serious (something that is random but still kinda fun heh) and I remembered that Tannya had this post on her blog which I find it cute and interesting — when she shared her home and lock screen wallpaper. Since she said "Consider yourself tagged", I'm gonna shamelessly do it too HAHA.

LOCKSCREEN: How aesthetic is this photo?! God doesn't it looks like one of those pictures you'd take when your boyfriend is doing his thing and you just snap it? Boyfriend photo. By the way, that background though. I love the whole blue tone thing going on in this photo~ If any of yall want to download it, click here.

HOMESCREEN: I swear to god Taehyung is my ultimate bias XD. I just happen to really love all the Jimin photos. I chose this picture because its quite simple. Since it's aesthetic af and doesn't make my homescreen look cluttered, it has been my homescreen wallpaper for quite some time.

I usually download my wallpapers from Twitter or Tumblr as they can be easily downloaded. also has a lot of high quality photography for wallpaper too! Do share with me your wallpaper and where you usually get them below the comment <3

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