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Moon Diary 002

I can't believe we are 1 month away from half of 2017! I swear time flies so damn fast and the next moment I will be a 60 years old grandma holding my Army bomb as I scream at my computer because BTS just released their 50th music video, pfft HAHA. Gosh that's actually quite dope, I'm gonna be a cool grandma. *Kim Bok Joo's voice* swagggg.

Jokes a side, I'm going to update what I've been doing for the past few weeks or months. Not as though people are interested in reading it, but I enjoy going on and on about me myself & I, so hell yeah I'm going to post this (oops).


01. Suffocated by exams, but enjoying the perks of being able to leave immediately after the papers.

02. Honestly not a fan of Eighteen Chefs because the student meal is awful in my opinion though it's affordable. However, I tried their Crispy Chicken with wedges and it was freaking amazing. Opened the new world's door for me I guess~

03. In love with Old Chang Kee's new Nacho Cheese Chicken!! It's sooo good and quite affordable in my opinion. SGD$2.50 for about 4-5 big chunks of chicken with nacho cheese on top of it. It's also packed in a box that's easy to hold and made it a lot easier to consume the food.

04. Really want to have my own place to live in, but couldn't bear to leave my mom and I sure am not able to financially support myself at this moment.


+ 13 Reasons Why.

One of the most meaningful and saddest series I've ever watched. There are so many message inside that's worth paying attention on and it really does show the real side of what depression is actually like. I don't really have a favourite character but Alex is the most likable one in my opinion when I was watching it. Although he was a dick at first, doing silly things and hurting someone else's feelings. He realized his own mistake and he know whats going on. He know that Bryce is a unforgivable rapist when everyone else was blinded by the thought of pushing Bryce to the front so that they can get away from all the potential punishments.

Here's one of my favorite quote from the series:

+ 大唐荣耀 The Glory of Tang Dynasty.

A historical television series, watched it on Youtube and I really love the romance part of the series. The male lead were so in love with the female lead he'd risk everything just to stay by her side, and all those cute moments when he got jealous because the female lead were too close to other guy ヽ(´▽`)/ Not to mention the male lead were borned with a pair of lovely eyes that seems like he can shoot hearts out of it HAHA. It's sweet though, makes me soft :') But on the other hand, I hate all the misunderstandings, miscommunication, and that sad ending /cries/ Overall, it's still a good series, for the first season. The second season was, well... average.

+ 兄に愛されすぎて困ってます

I KNOW, WTF IS THAT NAME. Let me explain myself haha. I have been watching this drama with mandarin subtitles and therefore I only know it's chinese name, which is 哥哥太爱我了怎么办 (if you understand chinese, you will understand how cringey I feel typing or saying this title lmao). And I only realize that this drama don't have an english name when I was doing my research. But that's not going to stop me from sharing this cute drama ok. Ryota Katayose (left in the above pic) officially won my heart. Not only can he act, he can sing and plays piano well <3 I don't think I can describe this drama well so you should just watch it yourself HAHA. By the way, the official movie will be release on the 30th of June if I'm not wrong :)


+ Rumor by K.A.R.D

+ Peter Pan by Crude Play

+ Sora cover by Exile Generations

Anddd I guess that's all for now. As you can tell, I did watch alot of dramas (i think it's alot considering the fact that there's alot of episode lmao), probably more than I should because it was around the exam period when I watch them XD (but hey, I'm not sorry)

Until next time.



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