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Well known for being independent and a perfectionist — Virgo. Me, a Virgo born on 25th August.

Before I start, yo girl here created a twitter account!! *throws confetti and flowers* Follow me @xbyluna and tell me below! (if we have a common interest -read: kpop, dramas, cats, dog, cute boys- or you're open to controversy, I might follow back 😉)

I've always enjoy reading tweets from horoscope accounts because it always amuses me how someone from the other side of the world knows you so well. And here's a few things about me, as a Virgo.

I love you. Please love me too.

I'd love to be there for you when you need me because I love you. But after all, I'm still human. If I ever break down in front of you or let you know about it, please be there for me. I'd definitely appreciate it if you can spend a few minutes of your life listening to me or just simply stay by my side. 

If I truly dislike or hate you, we won't have any conversation.

There's really no "I hate you but I will chitchat with you" in my dictionary. I just don't see the need to have a conversation with that particular person, unless there's a need to (e.g for work or school). If my answers to your questions are always less than 3 words, then please kindly move your ass, and exit.

I choose to ignore it, but don't think I don't know about it.

There are so many times where I choose to ignore something I've seen or notice. Be it that little facial expression, or that fake smile you had when you come up to me and start a conversation. I know, mate. I'm just too lazy to give a fuck about it, but don't think that I don't know shit.

There's no need to lie to me. I always know.

I guess it's scary how accurate my intuition are. I've experienced many different situations where people tried to lie to me and I'm quite proud to say that my intuition are 100% accurate most of the time. I guess it's also because I'm a sensitive person, I tend to observe people around me and therefore it's a piece of cake for me to tell if they're acting weirdly or not.

I forgive but I do not forget.

Call it petty or what, but I do think that no one should forget the hurt people have caused for you. It's not like I remember it so that one day I can bring out a file of documents about who did this to me, where it happened and when. I remember it so that bitch ain't gonna make the same mistake the next time round. For example, if someone lied to you, you may or may not forgive, but keep that in mind and learn that not everyone can be trusted.

What's your horoscope? I'd love to know more about you! :)

Until next time.



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Hi, I'm Luna and this is my online journal.

Welcome to my virtual diary where I talk about the latest things I love and hate, my whatnot on my life, and my madness.