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Moon Diary 003

Hello there, this is your half dead girl here.

How's life? I hope it's good for you because mine are a little uncomfortable for me. But I'm back with an update to let you know that "Hey! I'm still alive!" 😂


// Been sick since May 26, still am. Basically spent half my holiday coughing and feeling my head stir up like a pot of tofu or something.

// Manage to drag my half dead body out of the house because I have to attend my school's concert. Man, it's so not fun to be perspiring cold sweat all the way, and it was as if my face were inside the refrigerator for two hours HAHA. But I manage to get a cute dress and a pair of shoes, so its all good ;)

// Attended my school's concert. I guess it is quite meaningful since my secondary school will be merging with another school. Therefore that was probably our first and last concert, ever.
S/N: it's pretty cool to see your friends and classmates dress in formal. and those cute boys from other class, winkwink.


Suspicious Partner
Ji to the Chang to the Wook aye. Okay, that was lame, sorry. I would say this is a cute drama. Well I probably shouldn't be calling it cute because it involves crime and etc but the relationship between the two main lead are cute.

Man to Man
I have to say, I'm not that "attracted" (in a way) by this drama. There's just something missing that makes you feel like the drama is not that great. Relatively boring and I can hardly sense any chemistry within the two main lead.

Princess Hours THAI
VERY ADORABLE. I've watched the Korea version before and I really like the love-hate relationship the main leads had. The Thailand version did not make a lot of changes in the plotting which is great (one of the remake I watched was completely different from the original one which I do not fancy for remakes). And omg, my second male lead syndrome... The second male lead looks so innocent and vulnerable you just wanna protect him. It's more like "PROTECT THAT CHILD" rather than a opposite sex kinda thing lmao.

Anyhoo, it's more like something that will happen in a fanfic so if you're a young girl at heart or you personally prefer lovey-dovey dramas, you might want to give it a try. Otherwise, I'd say the drama will look kind of ridiculous and cheesy for you.


IU ft. G-DRAGON "Palette"

IU "Twenty-three"
(the lyrics is very meaningful btw. you can turn on the CC for the lyrics.)

G-DRAGON "Untitled"
(again, the lyrics is very meaningful, if you're a fan of GD that is. you can watch the ones with lyrics here.)

RM & V "4 O'clock"
(my baby taehyung finally have a song in bts that starts with his voice, all thanks to Rapmonster for creating the song for him -cries- )


// 10 Uncomfortable Signs You're An Extroverted Introverts by Thought Catalog. This post makes me realize that I'm indeed a 'extroverted introvert' haha.

// Reasons Why 'Deep Thinkers' Have The Hardest Time Falling In Love also by Thought Catalog, as it is the one and only online magazine I read (so far) and I'm always inspired by it and can relate to a lot of their post.

Until next time. 



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