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After blogging for almost three years, I must say I'm still really confused with how to have a "good" blog.

Recently, well actually yesterday, I came across this blog post titled "How to Have the Worst Blog" or something like that. And I was like "shit, I'm the owner of that worst blog shes talking about" Your girl here basically almost hit all the requirements for the worst blog award lol.

In the past, I'd have just agreed and feel bad for not owning a Canon camera, ring light, and aesthetic candles when I read those sorta post. But right now, after knowing that there are people out there who genuinely blogs about their thoughts, my mindset has changed completely.

Needless to say, most blogger truly wants to help the others whom are perhaps lost or just started out blogging. However, I just can't seem to agree with some of them.


No, you don't have to spend hundred or thousand bucks on a camera just because you want to be the same. Yes, good photos are important for your blog but it is not a must to own a camera. What's the point of spending money on something that you have no interest in? (Of course, it's a different case if you truly enjoy taking photos.) When I first started out blogging, I thought of buying a camera since all these blog advice 101 post are all telling me that I should own a camera. At one point I asked myself: Do I really need it or am I just trying to fit in? I mean I don't know about you but I have zero knowledge in taking photos, and there I was wanting to own a camera that will cost me a thousand.

My point is, if you're thinking of owning a camera just because you want to have a "good blog", think twice.


Okay, this might sound like I'm trying to make an excuse for my inconsistency in blogging, but please hear me out. Blogging with my own timing helped me a lot because my blog didn't stressed me out like how other's did to them. When I'm busy, blogging is the last thing I'd think about. Unless you're blogging for a living, I don't see why one should stress themselves to blog weekly (or even daily) to a point where they got sick and tired of blogging. If you love blogging with a schedule, go ahead. But if you're pushing yourself to do it, I'd say just spare yourself.


Lastly and most importantly, you do you. Blog whatever you want, blog whenever you want. This is your blog, share whatever you fancy! Always keep in mind that blogging should be something you enjoy doing. If blogging is stressing you out or. draining all the time you have with your loved ones, maybe you should stop and think about what went wrong.

Theres a Chinese saying "勿忘初心". It means never forget your original intention. Or in other words, never let the process pollute your initial intention/motive.

Stay happy and healthy,
Until next time.



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