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Watch List #01

I binge on China drama during my absence on this blog, so do expect 99% of it being Chinese drama.

I swear I'm studying for my upcoming exams alright. These are all accumulated over the months (feel my sincere heart, I know you trust me *wink*) Since there's honestly too many to talk about, I will list them out for now with short comments and perhaps write about them in detail next time.

1. With You 最好的我们 - I can't seem to find a website that provides English sub :( cute story, not so good ending?
2. Let's Shake It 颤抖吧,阿部 - mind-blowing drama that's really funny
3. The King Is Not Easy 大王不容易 - currently watching ; I love that cliché plot! Main lead got their souls switched. The female lead, her acting skills are the bomb — she legit behaves like a guy but in a really charismatic way haha.
4. Attention, Love! 稍息立正我爱你 - currently watching ; watching it for the male lead but the drama itself is not that interesting. All fluffy and pure love I guess.
5. Princess Agents 楚乔传 - the ending sucks. but I love male lead two and three (WHAT EVEN HAHA)
6. The Eternal Love 双世宠妃 - first few episodes were great, the rest were abit of a turn off for me.
7. Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至 - just gonna be honest that I only watched it for Bai Jing Ting, the second male lead.
8. School 2017 - I prefer School 2015. The 2017's story don't really have a meaningful 'message' behind the story compared to School 2015.
9. Hospital Ship - The female lead's character makes my heart aches. I honestly hope the others can put themselves in her shoes or that she can try to express herself more, sigh.
10. Strongest Deliveryman - a really normal kdrama I'd say :/ Lack of chemistry between the two main lead.
11. My Mr. Mermaid 浪花一朵朵 - after finish watching the drama, I feel like I watched 15 episodes of them swimming *facepalm*

I'm aware that most of yall don't understand Mandarin, but I honestly want to share with yall about things you might or might not be familiar with. And perhaps change your mindset about it by a little?

Until next time.



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