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Moon Diary 004

Checking in with random things that happened recently (or not so recently) in my life.


// Officially 16 on August25! Spent half of my birthday in school with my friends and another half at home with my family. Finally ate cake after years of not eating any (just not a fan of the thick layer of cream on it).

// As mentioned in my 2017 goal post, I managed to get myself a credit (it should be debit but whatever) card this year. Say yes to easy access to online transaction!

// Mom and I went crazy over shopping on Taobao, an online shopping platform from China. Well, technically my Mom is the one whos obsessed with it currently because everything is dirt cheap on Taobao if you compare the price with the ones in Singapore. (World's most expensive country, what can I say *facepalm*)

// Bought three shorts and two skirts from Taobao at one go, as its hard to find a shop that sells bottoms in plus sizes at a cheap price here in Singapore. Honestly quite satisfied with all of them except that all of them are bigger than I expected haha.

// Went through my first experience with block timetable, where we can have up to two hours of the same subject on one day. It was tiring but national exam is coming so its all worth it.


First of all, I binge so much on China drama during my absence on this blog. I'm studying for my upcoming exams alright, those are all accumulated over the monthsXD Since theres honestly too many to talk about, I will just leave the Drama list for another post next time. Heres a few movies I've watched recently

1. The Tag Along 2 - creepier than the first movie! psst, theres a cute guy in this one huhu^^
2. The Mummy (2017) - damn it that Mummy is hot af?!
3. Annabelle: Creation - meh.. quite disappointed.


2U - BTS Jungkook

Decalcomanie - Mamamoo

Serendipity - BTS Jimin

Heikousen - Sayuri

I'm Not Sorry - Dean

September 10, It's my second brother's 18th birthday today! I hope you act like a mature young adult now, happy birthday Kor ❤

Until next time.



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Hi, I'm Luna and this is my online journal.

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