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Graduation Ceremony

I've finally graduated! Sort of.

This is suppose to be a touching post but I'm here sitting in a pub drinking coke hah, half dead, trying to type this and post it before twelve (didn't manage to as always lmao), which is not very pleasant because I'm so tired; I'm not in my right mind.

29th September 2017, its my last time sitting in that classroom we've spent two years in. Also my first and last time attending a Graduation Ceremony, that's boring af but still somewhat touching.

As expected from the teachers and principal, we received a long ass speech on how we should strive for the success in our lives and how we have to remember to never stop learning — same ol' naggy speech. But that would be the last time we hear this kind of thing from them. I realised that once we graduate, no one will remind us how we should behave and no one will constantly encourage you to work for your own future. No one. You just gotta rely on yourself to be responsible.

After that, we went through a painful one and a half hour of prize presentation. Painful because I only got to watch and not receive the prize so it was painfully boring HAHA #whysosalty. The ceremony ended off with a short video of our cohort, showcasing all the photos of us taken ever since we first joined the school. I must admit that moved me a little. We used to look like some nerd babies and now alot of us have changed in the appearance so drastically!

Theres really nothing much about this graduation ceremony, but we took a lot of pictures as if that was our last time meeting each other. It felt so unreal that I've actually graduated, when it feels like I was just complaining about how much I want to leave this school yesterday.
As we move on to the next phase of our life, I want to and I will try my best to remember all the things I've learned here. Thank you for existing in my life.
Until next time.



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