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Moon Diary 005

Hey ya, it's me, ya girl. Back with some updates on my not exciting life.


// I completed my N-level examination — hooray!! And I'm totally not stressing over my possible-all-F-result. Not at all. Yeah.

// I pierced my ear! The backstory is that my mom pierced both my earlobes when I was a baby, hence I couldn't remember how it felt. So I decided to pierce another one right above my current piercing on my right ear. It was quite troublesome since my piercing got swollen and stuff after a few days, which hurts a lot.

// I've been staying at home ever since my last exam due to my poor health and I'm very sad about it. I'm probably just being too sensitive since I'm on my period now but hey, I was expecting myself to party and have fun after all the exams, not coughing every 5 minutes with all these body aches.

// When I'm not resting, I spend my time rewatching all the good dramas and movies I've watched before. And that my friend, is the only positive thing happening in my life right now lol.


While You Were Sleeping
Come oooon. Suzy and Lee Jongsuk?! They look so good together but I feel bad for shipping them because of Lee Minho HAHA. First of all, the storyline is very interesting. Being able to dream of something that'd happen in the future and trying to change it, that sounds pretty cool if you ask me. But, I'd never want that ability just because I know I won't be able to deal with the stress. Anyways, second male lead is my love. That perfect boyfriend material guy deserves all the love in the world *cries* watch it here

Because This is My First Life
Jung Somin is the cutest korean female lead aside from Park Boyoung~ The first Jung Somin drama I've watched definitely has to be Mischievous Kiss. She was really cute and naive in Mischievous Kiss but in this drama, she portrays a more mature and tolerant character, which I love as well. I also find it interesting how the male & female lead are getting married in the drama when they don't even love each other lmao. watch it here

I remember the supernatural type of Kdrama was quite popular a few years ago. For example Oh My Ghost and Hey Ghost Let's Fight. What makes Black different from the other similar Kdrama is that it is more of a dark humor, but still serious kind of supernatural type. I nearly lost my shit when the male lead ate the meat, that fell into the pile of blood at the crime scene, with the corpse still lying there. IT WAS SO DISGUSTING BUT FUNNY LIKE WTF WHO DOES THAT. watch it here

From Five to Nine
I rewatched it because my older brothers started watching it and I couldn't control myself. Hands down the funniest romance Jdrama I've ever watched. The monk is so expressive and not afraid to show his love for JunKo — and I love it. It's such a shame that there's only 10 episodes but I guess quality over quantity? watch it here

Buzzfeed Unsolved Season 3
Hey demon, it's me, ya boi. Shane and Ryan is back with supernatural season, and I'm very, very excited about it. I'm so ready for Shane's savage commentary and Ryan's theory in that special tone of voice. And of course, (wheeze)watch it here



It's You - Henry

By the way, I changed my domain name! From to — I'd have bought if it didn't cost $2000+, but it does so hell no, my poor ass can't afford it. Small complain: I bought my current domain for 6USD on 1and1 but realised that it was only 1.99USD on GoDaddy. Do you feel my pain :')

Until next time.



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