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Watch List #02

Since there's not much good drama these days, I mostly spent my time rewatching all the other completed drama.

1. A Love So Beautiful 致我们单纯的小美好 - currently watching; yet another Chinese drama about youthful young love. But this one in particular is cute af, especially the height difference between the male and female lead heh. It also reminds me of Playful Kiss/Itazura na Kiss as the male lead from this drama is also a tsundere, which tortures me but it's also cute at the same time.

2. Boss & Me 杉杉来了 - rewatching; I don't know why but there's something special about the fantasy of superior, bossy boss (霸道总裁) falling in love with a normal gal lol. Well the female lead is very adorable, which makes this drama ten times better.

3. While You Were Sleeping - currently watching; my heart aches for second male lead. However, I kind of got bored and stopped watching due to the constant dangerous situation. I understand that since their occupation are mostly related to justice and stuff, but it was as if they're so unlucky, they're always in danger...

4. Because This is My First Life - currently watching; it was getting on my nerve how the male lead is so dense and insensitive. I was about to give up this drama but episode 12 and 13 changed my mind. I'm glad that the male lead are opening up and facing his own feelings properly.

5. Goblin - rewatched; I just love how this drama is funny yet touching at the same time. Not to mention the cinematography and the lines are on point. Some lines are so poetic I feel like it touches my soul (eh?) The cute interactions between goblin and the grim reaper is life.

6. Descendant of The Sun - rewatched; Kim Eun Sook writer is the bomb when it comes to creating all these funny yet touching kdramas! She's the same writer who wrote Goblin and The Heirs if you are wondering. Plus I can't get enough of Song Joongki... Even if he's married now... HAHA

That's all for this two months. Although I expected myself to binge on lots of drama since it's my holiday, I didn't because there ain't alot of good drama these days.

Until next time.



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