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Graduation Night

I guess people call this prom? My school decided to call it grad night but yeah.

Deciding whether to attend

It costs 40SGD for the 'ticket'. I was hesitant at first, but I went for it anyways since it'd the last time we'll be having a dinner with our schoolmates. I guess the reason why I decided to pay for that were because my school will be merging with another school, which means that this would be the last grad night we'll be having as a student of Damai (that's my school name by the way). Hence, I paid the 40 dollar and regretted a little inside.


I put in lots of effort for the preparation, spent lots of money, and my heart is bleeding a lot too *sheds coconut tears*
I went shopping to find a suitable dress but found nothing during my trip to three different malls. I then settled with Cotton On's black mini dress when I went to the mall nearest to my house a few days later. The dress was sandwiched between other top and dresses, but I managed to find the one in my size. The pleasant surprise was that it only costs 10SGD, insane. Best friend and I then went to the other mall we went to last time, hoping to find a cardigan or outerwear that I can match with my dress. Luckily (or not), one of the white knit cardigan caught my eyes immediately the moment we entered H&M, and I just had to buy it — it costs roughly around 35SGD and I now owe my best friend 20SGD. It's so expensive but that cardigan is just too comfy to give up!

Not only did I spent lots of money on my outfit, I also spent it on my makeup too. I bought the All About Toffee eyeshadow palette from Essence, only to realize that there's no way I could create a makeup look with it that suits me. So I went and bought another eyeshadow palette, The Essential Nudes from Catrice Makeup, which is easier for a newbie like me and the color also suits me better. For the eyebrows, best friend and I went to Innisfree to buy their eyebrow pencil, and my cheapass just have to buy their cheapest eyebrow pencil HAHA.


I was so glad I woke up earlier because I didn't expect I'd take hours to do my makeup and style my hair! The makeup part was tricky because it was my first attempt on putting on eyeshadows, and I messed up my eyeliners, a few times. After I was done with my makeup, I asked my oldest brother for help with styling my hair and he helped to curl my fringe. Though you can't tell from that photo above, my fringe was quite a wave of a curl in real life.

Left my house and went to my friend's house, that's when my shoe decided to fail on me. The top and the platform part seperated — even super glue can't rescue it. It was my second time wearing that pair of shoes. I was having my period that day so can you imagine how pissed and frustrated I was? The hormones and all made me feel like breaking down and scream "Why the fuck am I so unlucky today!!" but I managed to control myself and not act like a crazy gal.

Enough complaining, the day was quite fun, ignoring the fact that I nearly trip and fall because of that stupid shoe (oops, I did it again). The food weren't my style since I'm a picky eater, but the Honey roasted chicken were okay. We ate while there's some lucky draw going on, quite boring to be honest, but the end of the day was the highlight of d-day. We pulled all the tables to the side and the music dropped. Some of the guy totally went for the dance but many people was busy taking photos. It doesn't sound that fun after I tried to summarize it but yeah... One of the guy actually got on his knee and gave this girl a fake rose — which made all of us went "awwww"

To end this off, I enjoyed the graduation night. Although it turned out to be a long ass post, I felt the need to write this down on my blog because I do want to remember this memory. Oh and this is the first time I'm revealing a picture of me here! Heh.

Until next time.



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