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Christmas & New Rosyface

Merry belated Christmas guys! Totally missed the chance to post on 25th Dec (as always), but I'm back! December is full of life changes and blood red eyeballs.

+ I found a part-time job, hooray! I'm currently working as a part-time retail association at Uniqlo. The pay is alright and the timing is flexible. Just that it's my first part-time job, which explains why I'm experiencing blood red eyeballs (literally) lately haha. Life is all about folding clothes, finding clothes, and replenishing clothes nowadays!

+ I attended a memorial held in Singapore for Jonghyun on the 20th December. It was my first time attending something related to fans gathering, and I totally didn't expect to attend one under that situation. It was spontaneous as I found out the memorial on the day itself, and I told my manager that I have to leave last minute. Didn't tell them the exact reason why because I'm pretty sure not alot of people would understand it, but luckily my manager did not ask for the exact reason.

Sadly, I have nothing much for you guys this month so I'm not going to post this under Refresh. All I've been doing recently is work and when I'm not working, I'm either eating or sleeping. BUT.. New rosyface! Well not like new-new but a new look kinda new? I guess I've finally come to a point where I realized that my old template cannot be customized anymore. And since it's Christmas, I thought I'd use it as an excuse to spend some money on a new blog template. I tried to come up with a color palette but totally failed. I'm still short of one color to pair it with but my brain is fried. I hope you like this new look and if yall have any suggestions on the color to go with this red, please hit me up!

Until next time.



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