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2017 Film Highlight

A compilation curated by yours truly, appreciating those good dramas and movies in 2017


A Korean Odyssey / Hwayugi — I love the fact that this drama is based off the Chinese novel 'Journey to the West'. The characters in the drama really do represent the original character from the novel well! Sun WuKong being the cunning monkey, monsters being greedy and betrays one another easily. Well me being me, I love that its gonna be a romance drama. Side note: Lee Seung-gi suits the cocky character perfectly, it's attractive. Ps, the spirit/monster are pretty scary. The first part of episode one nearly make me shit my pants

Kuzu no Honkai / Scum's Wish — It's very different from the drama I usually enjoy, but I must say I really like this drama. Yes, it is very sexual. I find the story plot quite interesting and I love the way they insert white background with quotes in the middle of the drama. Very Japanese-style in my opinion. Not quite happy with the ending, but ohwell they have nice ending song.

A Love so Beautiful — I don't even know how to describe this drama. There's no big plot twist or interesting plot, but there's just something that makes you fall in love with it. Perhaps it reminds you of that person you had a crush on during high school, the small things you do to get his attentions, ect.
I have to mention that all of them are newbie in acting and they definitely did a great job! Better than those who claims to be an "actors/actress" but turns out to be a awkward talking robot.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo — Nam Joohyuk's character is just toooo boyfriend material here. I love how the drama tried to let other people know that love comes in all shape and sizes. How he don't mind her being bigger and stronger than average Korean girls; when his friend told him that Bok Joo is too strong, he replied "Why? I think it's sexy" with the cutest smile ever. Oh and how hes not afraid to show his affection infront of people! It's cute.

Queen of the Ring — I made a post dedicated to this drama before, here, so I guess I don't have to elaborate more. This drama is meaningful, the message they're trying to send is important. Love yourself.


Tokyo Ghoul — I expected it to be shit at first, but it's really good. The cast really does represent the original character well. Especially Kaneki's actor and Kureo Mado's actor. I also love the special effects. The kagune looks cool and the detail is amazing. I don't quite get why people commented that the actor for Kaneki's overdid on the acting. In my opinion, it needs to be overdone since the point is to show Kaneki's confusion and anger. The desperation to stay human and the anger when he realized that food no longer tastes good (stop, don't even get me started).

Today's Kira-kun — Both the main lead are super adorable. I'm so thankful that it ended with a happy ending instead of the cliche "he got a cancer and he'd die at the end so lets all have a good time for the first half of the movie before he die" lol. I read this manga before but I actually prefer the movie more.

Daytime Shooting Star — Miura Shohei, the hottest Japanese actor in my opinion. As a fan of the manga, I'm super pleased with this movie. I mean I love the teacher (even in the manga), but that's the ending you get when you avoid your own feelings for the female lead! I love the twist and how second male lead finally, finally wins the female lead's heart.

Split — I have a love-hate relationship with this movie ugh. I tend to avoid thriller/psychological horror movies because it makes me uneasy, but this movie is pretty amazing. Or should I say the actor is amazing. He managed to potray all the personalities so well it's insane! The movie also reminds me of this Kdrama named Kill me, Heal Me (a really good drama, do give it a try). Rather than appreciating the whole movie, I gotta be honest and say that I'm just fascinated by James McAvoy's acting.

Lastly, I gotta be that shady bitch and throw some shade at some of the dramas in 2017.

The Bride of Habaek — As a reader of the original manga, this drama honestly disappoints me. Besides the drastic change in the plot, the characteristics of the male lead in this drama is just plain annoying. Awkward, loud, and totally a huge burden. Thats totally the opposite of the original character. Did Nam Joohyuk's acting went downhill after WFKBJ, or the drama just sucks. Meh, probably both.

Rush to the Dead Summer — Yes I get it. Male lead with a 'cold/emotionless' character is attractive. But the male lead here is. a. robot. Nothing. He has no expression, and his words sounds like siri. Just, really bad acting skills. And can we just talk about how second male lead and his girl are the pillar of this whole drama?

Princess Agents — I love the first half of it, but the ending really took away everything I have for this drama. They both fell into the water and the drama ended. Um, what?? What's the point of having fifty, close to 60 episodes if you're gonna end it like that.

Thank you for all the quality movies and dramas. Truly appreciate it! Btw, feel free to click on the links! It will direct you to the full version with english subtitles.

What are your 2017 film highlight and your least favourite ones?



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