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Logan Paul | Suicide Forest

You don't upload a video that includes you filming someone else who committed suicide.

Before I start, click away if you feel offended by vulgarity or not-so-nice language. I'm pissed off by this whole controversy. I do not know who Logan Paul is, I'm not that into the western community/industry and not at all with this youtuber. Whether you like it or not, I'm gonna say my piece based on the video I watched and Logan Paul's tweets on this issue.

What they did IS disrespectful and utterly disturbing. The video itself is disturbing, the way Logan Paul and his fellow friend reacted is disturbing. First of all, you don't enter a forest that's so well-known for the number of suicidal case, laugh when you see a corpse, and then claim that you were just too shock. What exactly were you expecting when you decided to step into a forest that literally has the name "Suicide Forest"? A fucking kangaroo hopping around?

It's not okay to react that way. Who in the right mind would do that? And this part where one of his friend said "Let's go. Bring the camera." Oh you thought they said bring the camera and go back? Nope. Bring the camera, zoom in the corpse and go near it for filming! Because that's the priority, right? Gotta get all them details so it will blow the whole YouTube community!

And what's worse is that he actually used it as the thumbnail for that vlog. Can you just imagine him and his team editing the thumbnail and be like

"How do we attract people to watch it?"
"Use that picture of the corpse. Edit it right next to my derp ass face so that people can see it right away."
"Sounds like a good idea mate! Perfect."

I cannot even. All the things they do to get views. Even when it means disrespecting a person who passed away with anger, sadness, confusion, and perhaps alot more.

Shake my head at those who defended him by saying "He don't know that person. Ofcourse it's normal for him to react that way" Excuse me, that does not make it okay or normal. If you don't know that person, why would you think it's okay to film a stranger's dead body?! If you were a family member of this man, how would you feel? To have a random white guy film your loved one's hanging body so up close, upload it onto one of the biggest platform, and have the picture used as a thumbnail to attract viewers? This is morally wrong. I'd sue the shit out of Logan Paul if I were a family member of this man.

Moving on, Logan Paul's apology. He tweeted this on January 2.

I don't know about you but to me, a sincere apology means that he has reflected on whatever he did and know how his own action would affect other people. Not typing it in the memo and telling the internet people how hes swallowed by the fame and made the wrong decision because he's a human being that make mistakes, *just* for the internet. Yes, apologise to the internet people who was disturbed by your video. But, focus on apologising to the victim's family and show your respect. I might be nitpicking here but assuming that the man is a Japanese (most likely), won't it make more sense if Logan Paul translate his 'apology letter' into Japanese? English is not their first language and if he truly felt apologetic towards that man's family, why didn't he think of that? He could've made the effort to ask for help from someone who's fluent in English and Japanese for a translation. Pretty sure he has the ability to do so.

He also tweeted a one minute and forty-four seconds long video on January 3, you can watch it below.

Alright, I'm glad he understand what he should have done. Should have never upload it, should have put the cameras down. Gosh why didn't this come across your mind before you upload it? If it's really like what he said, his intention was to raise awareness, he could've cutted that whole part out and mention it afterwards. There's no need for him to include that part and even use it as a clickbait. But well, I guess it's crystal clear that they definitely think it'd attract more views.

In my opinion, there is no excuses for Logan Paul's actions. It's just inhumane and morally wrong. Hopefully, he will change for a better and never make the same mistake. My condolences to the man's family members and friends.

What are your thoughts on this whole Logan Paul controversy?



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