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Moon Diary 007

Well, I guess 2018 wasn't really a great start. I took a break from blogging because my mind was in a mess for awhile


+ Entered college, regretted it after 3 days. It was something I didn't expect myself to 'feel' and think about, but I felt it so strongly. I wanted to get out, I wanted to quit. I felt that it's not suitable for me, so I wanted to run away and take another route, irresponsibly. Of course, I fought with my mom the next day, got really hurted by her words (and questioned my existence in this world), decided to take my second brother's advice and just go with the flow. Like a rollercoaster, I'm back to my starting point. Well, I'm trying my very best now to find things and good people that will motivate me to attend college. Hopefully this will change my mindset and make me feel happier there!

+ I guess what put me off the first week of college was the orientation programme we had. It was suppose to be a programme that'd make us bond and know more about the college, but all I experienced was the leader shouting at us to "WALK FASTER" when we're not even slow,  and "CHEER LOUDER" when they're feeling competitive because the class their friend led was much louder. It made me feel as though we're some elementary school kids which is ugh, the way they treated us still pisses me off.

+ Second week was fun! Yes finally something positive haha. I was surrounded by really good people. Most importantly, we have a common topic so I really enjoy talking to them. It makes my heart warm and fuzzy to be honest.

+ I've been thinking about resigning ever since school started as I was afraid that I won't be able to cope with it. But it's still manageable currently so I've been putting this thought aside. I guess it'd be good to earn some pocket money for myself while studying, but who knows.


  1. A Korean Odyssey — I'm loving the character development between all the characters. Not just the two main lead but also all the characters.
  2. Jumanji — I'm so glad to have this as my first movie in 2018. Watched it in the cinema and it was so good! Really funny and exciting at the same time.
  3. Heartstrings — I don't know man. I don't think there's anything special about this drama, but I always find myself re-watching it when I see a post on Instagram about it. 


Breathe — Lee Hi (composed by Jonghyun)

You need to read the lyrics.

I hope to blog more consistently but now that everything just started, I see that this goal is harder to achieve than I expected. I hope yall have a great day ahead and please take care of yourselve!

Love xx



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