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Moon Diary 008

Hello there, I survived college for almost two months, yay.


+ I'd say the things that blew my mind in the past few weeks has definitely got to be being exposed to alot of new people and "information". I made some new friends in college, and as expected but not really, 3/4 of my classmates are smokers. However, to my surprise, they actually do drugs. Most probably illegal but who am I to say anything.

+ Name-calling started. I was called "pig's trotter", and was really upset about it at first. I've been insecure ever since elementary school and being made fun of affects me the most, but this time round I've decided that no one should be able to affect my mood. I'm not going to allow such things to affect my day because a) they're immature and b) they make those comment within seconds and they'll move on with their day. Why should I allow it to spoil my whole day or even my whole week?

I feel fucking proud of myself that I won this time. I won my mind, that dark corner of me that always allow people to ruin my day because of their immaturity.

+ It'd be fake if I tell you I'm completely unaffected. I still feel uneasy when I hear my name in between their conversation, I still picture them making fun of me behind my back, but this also made me pay more attention on my weight. Not that I haven't been paying attention on my overweight body, but this time round it made me realize that it's time to lose some weight. Don't worry, my mindset on it is healthy. I'm not in anyway hating my own body or whatsoever, I wanna do this for my own good.


  1. Radio Romance — Another Kim Soo Hyun's drama! I don't know if I'm a fan of the storyline but so far I'm enjoying the interaction between her and the male lead.
  2. Chinese Novel — Before I watch Radio Romance, I've been reading chinese novel to kill boredom. 

It's a boring update, as you can see.
Until next time.

How's your week going? 



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