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Watch List #03

What do you do when you have a two weeks holiday? Binge on all the movies and dramas, duh!

Asian Movies

Tori Girl7/10
I love how it's different from the usual Japanese movie I've watched! I absolutely adore the bickering scene and the plot twist at the end. In my opinion, it's a really light and happy movie that will lift up your mood.

My Brother Loves Me Too Much3/10
A little disappointed in the movie. The sequel was although cringey but much more interesting. Well, I watched it for the sake of Katayose Ryota.

Chihayafuru Kami no Ku — 4/10
I'm not a big fan of such movies. Gave up after watching season one...

Assassination Classroom Season One & Two8/10
YAMADA RYOSUKE IS MY NEW LOVE CURRENTLY. Okay, stop the fangirling. The movie was wayyy better than I expected. I must admit that Ryosuke's acting in this movie ain't that amazing though. However, I still love the whole movie. The special relationship between the students of Class E and Korosensei. Not to mention the amount of tears I shed while watching because of Kororsensei. Oh! And my gay ass just have to ship Suda Masaki (the red hair guy) with Ryosuke.


Jimi ni Sugoi! Koetsu Garu Kono Etsuko7/10
This drama honestly makes me  very interested in female lead's job; sort of like proof-reading for books/magazines. I never really have any "dream job" but after watching this drama, I'm quite interested in that job. This drama is not only inspiring and fun, it also managed to showcase Ishihara Satomi's charm real well. That lady can handle any outfit! She's so gorgeous and I'm not ashame to say that as a girl, I really like her!

Rich Man, Poor Woman6/10
Another Ishihara Satomi's drama! My brother introduced me this drama and I'm still half way there. Oguri Shun didn't really change much — appearance wise.

The Great Seducer5/10
Woo Do Hwan is charming af! But I really don't like the fact that he's getting close to female lead with the intention of winning a gamble. And I absolutely dislike the same ol' plot of stupid female lead falling into the trap. But well, I hope there's a plot twist where female lead ain't really "falling into the trap" but outsmarting the male lead instead.

Radio Romance — 6/10
I enjoyed the jealous scene of male lead, it's cute and lovely. I also like how the female lead isn't the typical its-all-my-fault female lead. She defends herself in a sane manner and express her feelings with respect even if the person she's speaking to is trying to pull her down. This is what I mean by strong and respectable female lead!


Veronica — 5/10
I'd say its slightly worse than Insidious or The Conjuring. It's a shame that the ghost is faceless; it was like a black human figure?? But nonetheless I'd say it's not that bad.

The Open House — 1/10
Sorry but this movie is plain bullshit. It's boring as hell, totally confusing, and the ending makes no sense. I skipped some part of the movie so I might've missed out something, but even till the end of the movie, I don't even know who's the murderer and why he chose to murder this family. If you've managed to finish this whole movie without skipping, please tell me what's going on. Did I missed out any important part?

Annihilation 5/10
Forgive my low IQ but this movie left me so freaking confused, again. It's about some weird scientific reason that caused DNA mutation or something? And just when I thought I finally understand what's going on, the ending left me confused af again. Despite my confusion, there's one part of the movie that's pretty damn creepy (goosebumps and uncontrollable urge to shake my whole body because "EW") so I'm giving this movie a five out of ten.

Sadly, 80% of netflix original movie is a flop for me... This list is mostly filled with Japanese movies and dramas! I'm feeling real productive these days since I managed to watch/rewatch so many films~

What's your recent favorite movie/drama?



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