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Moon Diary 009

Hi! I'm back, not dead. Honestly, half-dead. But just gonna stay positive for a few seconds, hah.

I took a small break if you haven't realized. And I enjoyed every last bit of it! I absolutely love this "stress-free-blogging" thing.

School & Life

+ Received warning letters for my low attendance, probably gonna receive another one for this month, which will result to me not being able to take exams — debarment. Half worried and half not. Half worried because what if I get kicked out of school? Half not because I honestly don't care if I get kicked out. Contradicting, but I've always been contradicting myself, worrying about things that I can't or won't change.

+ Prepared and completed loads of presentations! That satisfying feeling when everything is lifted off your shoulders, ah...  Of course, my panic attack tried to get me minutes before my turn to present. Sadly no improvement at all when it comes to dealing with this old friend. However, distracting myself with some music kinda helps me block out those voices inside my head.

+ Got a new phone! I definitely had my eyes on iPhone 8 PLUS, but my mother thought it's way too expensive and that "children should not be using such good phone", so I went with OPPO R11s instead. Really regret my decision of choosing the gold one as black would make it so much easier for me to pick my phone cover. Ps, the fingerprint sensor is right in the middle, at the back of my phone. So it affects the aesthetic of the whole phone if I were to put a cover that's not transparent. Gosh why am I even sharing such trivial things?


HiGH & LOW series one & two — Gangster Action type of thing! I really enjoyed Hongkong's 古惑仔 and decided to give the Japan's gangster movie a try. Honestly, it's abit sad that the Sannoh gang are the leading roles. The other two gangs like Rude Boys and White Rascal has a much deeper and interesting story behind them. However, it's heartwarming to see the special bond between the gangs from S.W.O.R.D. They're enemies but also each other's comrades in arms.

HiGH & LOW movie one & two — First of all, please think twice before watching from the links I provided. The subtitles is shit. I still watched it because my curiosity can't stop me, but if you mind it, don't watch it. Definitely watch the series first before the movie! Oh, did I mention? Their songs are amazing. It gets you so hyped and motivated. I love Rude Boys' theme song by Generations from Exile Tribe (YASSSSSS), check it out here!

Mischievous Kiss The Movie: Campus — I just can't stop watching every version of Mischievous Kiss!! I lost count on how many times they remake it, but it's like a magic casted on me. New version? WATCH IT. The female lead's acting skill needs improvement, it's way too cringey I can't deal with it. By the way, the male lead is one of the guy who acted in HiGH & LOW! Came to me as a shock that he really is an actor who can play diverse roles. Not a lot of so called actors and actresses can do that, just saying.

The Monkey King 3 — To be honest, meh. I don't find it interesting and there's a lack of story development. Not to mention the monster looks just like Lin Chi-ling and it just affects me so much xD

Monster Hunt 2 — Huba Huba! That weird looking creature with a cute voice. The monsters in this movie is not the typical monster you see in those scary movies. They all look very jelly-ish, round, and bouncy (literally) in this movie. I'd list this movie under the "children" section if I could, but I don't think they categorize it under that.



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