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The Missing Update On My Life

Did I stop updating you guys on my crazy life? Yes. Will I stop updating it? You wish!

It was hell of a ride from July till now, I have been quiet for the past few months on that, but I have a lot to share.


It's been about three to four months now ever since this ball of fluff came into our life and it felt so surreal! My brothers and I always wanted a dog but would always end up with "You can't even raise yourself how are you gonna raise a puppy" from our parents. Over the time we would whine about it on and off, but my oldest brother decided to just do it.

So we got her on the 31st of July, the same day I quitted school. She's a Japanese Spitz and my brother named her Barley, the lemon barley drink you can find in Singapore or perhaps in most asian country. Don't be fooled by the picture, Barley is no longer this small. We got her when she was around 3 months old and she has been growing bigger and bigger ever since then. She mastered potty training with zero accident now, but she's still really poor at listening to command such as "Come" and also won't stop chewing on stuff she isn't allowed to.

Anyway, she's capable of the basic sit and wait (when she's not on her crazy mode), and everybody adores her! Strangers would stop by to pet her and shower her with love during our walkies, my parents who hated loud dogs now pamper her as if she's their granddaughter, everybody just seems to have a soft spot for her even though she bites when she's excited.  A furball filled with energy, she runs around our small HDB and loves to jump on people for affection be it indoor or outdoor. Which means I always leash her when we're out as some people are afraid of dogs, also considering we have many Malay and Indians around our neighbourhood too, it's best to keep her under control. Though I love the idea of her running freely without any restrictions, I hate the chance of her attacking people or running into the middle of the road or whatnot. Leashing is the best we can do for the public and for our dog's safety.

So yeah, now I have a dog and life is different since we have to adjust our routines and lifestyle drastically. It's tiring but coming home from work and having her wag her tail and welcome me with kisses are the best thing I could ever ask for at the end of the day.


Yep, I managed to find a job! I'm currently working as a Retail Assistant or I don't know what you call it, but I basically sell accessories in a mall. It has been a month or so now since I started, and I'm feeling okay with it. I got my first pay on the 5th of November and I'm still learning how to manage my own expense because lord, I have so many things I want to buy but I need to survive till my next pay, hence conscious spending.

My boss treats me really well like I'm her daughter or something. I'm also very grateful towards her for teaching me skills from scratch knowing that I have zero experience, I feel really blessed come and think about it... Okay enough of being emotional and soft! Gosh my aunt flow is definitely coming soon.


Quitting school, getting a puppy, getting a new job, so many things happened in 2018 and it definitely changed me (a little). I start worrying about things that the me in 2017 wouldn't have to — money, savings, adult problems. My lifestyle has definitely changed for a better, I'm sleeping at normal hours now, I'm no longer 24/7 homed (except for my off days *wink*), and I'm making my day productive!

I guess I'm able to support myself now without bothering my mom much, I'm even able to buy a birthday gift for my father this year with my own money, and I can buy my siblings meal when I feel like it. The freedom is amazing, but at the same time I've learned to calculate my expense and setting a limit for myself everyday makes me feel "Ah.. so this is adulthood". But honestly, so far so good. It's not the best state of my life, it's not the worst, but I'd say it's definitely one of the most memorable one. I'm still learning new things everyday and I love it. Knowing that I'm moving forward comforts my uneasy heart and also reassuring that my decision weren't wrong.

Whew, I'm finally done! Sorry for the long whiny post, I tried to control myself haha. And yes, Rosyface is now NakedLune. Why is that so? Because I feel like it! The more writer-ish, sophisticated meaning shall be "The sun watches what I do, but the moon knows all my secrets."
And if you want the more literal meaning behind it, Naked — open, undisguised.
Lune — Moon, aka me, Luna. 

Until next time,
Luna (and Barley!)



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