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Moon Diary 010 | December

We are waving goodbye to 2018 soon, what on earth?

Life & Work

Merry (belated) Christmas by the way. It felt a lot more like Christmas this year because I was forced to wear a Santa hat and apron at work, so yeah, I'm feeling a lot more like Grinch this year. What's worse is that I dropped by my cousin's Christmas party since it was nearby my workplace and ended up with food poisoning afterwards vomiting twice the day after. Still poorly but I've got the medications I need today so hopefully, I can get better before work starts.

Experienced the worst period cramp ever this month! (Before the food poisoning) Was on my way to work and I thought it was just the normal cramp until I started perspiring profusely and was shaking uncontrollably. It was so bad that I couldn't get inside the cab without toppling over like a zombie... Really thought I was gonna faint halfway or something but thank god my boss had pain killers at work and it definitely helped.

December is a hell of a ride on my health.


To All The Boys I've Loved Before — my heart! I love cheesy movies like this! Just how hot Peter Kavinsky is hah. This kinda sweet, lovely romance movie satisfies my unrealistic expectations on love and I loveee it.

Encounter — not liking how it's the cliche "prince save me from despair" plot but hey, Park Bogum is really cute. Don't really have an opinion on the drama yet but we shall see. 

When We Were Young — is it not obvious enough that I'm a fan of teenage romance films? Yet another one from China! Though they usually don't end up smoothly with happily ever after to show the "bittersweet" of first love, I still enjoy the pure innocent love between the characters.


La Vie En Rose — IZ*ONE

Nobody But Me — Eric Chou

This update is honestly just me rambling but I'm just too lazy to organize it into bullet point. By the way, realize that "Refresh" is now "Luna Phase"? All thanks to Elise! I wanted something more fitting now that I have a new name for this space of mine and Elise's suggestion just hit the green light heh.

Until next time.



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