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Thank You 2018

Thank you 2018, for allowing me to take a step forward.

2018 was the year I took a step out. A step that leads me to an unknown path, a step that turns me from child to (hopefully) an adult. I'm no longer allowed to hide behind someone and avoid responsibility — consequences, responsibilities, decisions, I'm all by myself now.

2018 was the year I faced my fear. I learned new things and handled situations that I never thought I would be able to. I'm making progress on speaking more confidently, making myself heard and understood.

2018 was the year I realize not all things are as simple as it looks. Managing relationships between people is not as simple as saying Hello and Goodbye. It is about knowing what's okay to say and what is better silent. It is understanding that there are things people are not comfortable sharing with and know when to stop the curiosity. It is about being considerate and sincere, but at the same time mind your own business.

2018 was the year I greatly missed the gone ones. The sorrow and grief I allowed myself to embrace little by little made me realize how much I've been avoiding it in the past. It taught me to be honest with myself. To forgive myself for shedding tears and showing vulnerability.

Thank you 2018, for giving me the opportunity to make my own decisions in life and grow from it. Thank you, myself — for not giving up and pulling through tough times.



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Hi, I'm Luna and this is my online journal.

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