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This Is My Body, My Freedom.

I'm not a very "political" person in general but I can't keep my mouth shut on this one.

Abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy is banned in Ohio when most women don't realize that they are pregnant. Meaning if they are not able to realize soon enough before six weeks into the pregnancy, the law is that they will or might be jailed or even charged as a murderer should any abortion be performed. I was also introduced this new term, "Pro-life". Apparently, that's a name for those who are anti-abortion and they support the abortion ban. Read here for a more detailed introduction on Pro-life and Pro-choice.

What makes me upset is that people don't know the real meaning and consequences behind banning abortion and the effect it will actually cause.

The legislation does not include an exception for case such as rape. What this means is that should a woman abort the baby, even if its the baby of a rapist, she will be charged. What does that mean? It means if you or any women in your life you know is raped and impregnated, all you can do is watch them suffer through nine months of pregnancy and until the day she delivers the baby, you have to watch her hold the baby of someone who has committed sexual violence on her, just because abortion is now illegal in your country. Everything was against her will. She did not willingly get raped, she did not willingly get impregnated, yet she is forced under the new law to keep the baby of a rapist because if she ever aborts the baby during pregnancy, she would be charged.

Not all pregnancy is beautiful and pictured like the stock images where the man hugs the woman from behind while holding her belly with a big smile. Some pregnancy is painful. Some pregnancy reminds the woman how she suffered and how she was forcefully impregnated. And yes, a little irresponsible but some pregnancy happens unintentionally when both parents are not financially ready for a newborn. Rather than aborting the baby, pro-lifers think that the unborn have the right to live. Yet they don't really care about the welfare and well-being of children afterwards even when they forcefully make you deliver the baby. Once the baby is delivered, those naysayers are not the least concern for anything because the baby is yours. Now, who is going to support the baby?  Will the baby go through bad childhood due to poor finance? If you failed to raise the baby up like what those people imagine, they criticize you for giving birth and not having the ability to raise a kid. How hypocritical, yeah?

"Don't like abortion? Just ignore them like how you ignore children in foster care."

Most pregnancies are beautiful but not all. That is why I'm Pro-choice. Give women the basic human right and freedom to decide when and whether they want to have children. Why are these bunch of people making laws about women's bodies? It doesn't matter if these bunch of people are men and women. No one should be making laws about women's bodies if it means taking away women's freedom to decide what they can or cannot do to their body. If you don't like abortion, fine, don't get one. But don't you fucking dare to think you have the rights to take away someone else's freedom just because of your stupid beliefs.

I will keep fighting, even if it is not happening in my country, I will keep fighting for the fellow women in Ohio.

This is my body, my fucking freedom. 



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