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Watch List #04

I haven't had the time to compile everything I've watched and I kinda lost count and forgot some, but here's all that has left me a good impression.


Ashes of Love — 9/10

It's been a while since I finished watching this drama but I rewatched it a few times afterwards. This whole drama is about love so some of yall might not like it but for a hopeless romantic like me who loves the kind of story where people would die for their lover, this drama is highly recommended. It gets very heartwrenching in the middle but this kind of bittersweet drama is quite common in this kinda "historical" fairy dramas.

Beauty Inside — 7.5/10

I loved the chemistry between the second leads and they actually outshine the main characters. I especially love that the second male lead does not have toxic masculinity, but instead embraces the fact that the woman he's meeting is wealthy and more dominant.

3 nen A gumi — 7.5/10

A drama that teaches you to be aware of what you say online, that there is always two sides of the story, to acknowledge your own mistake instead of running away and to forgive yourselves. Lastly, it teaches you empathy and responsibility. It was a bit on the heavy side for me as I usually prefer light and sweet dramas. The emotions were really packed and strong, it felt as though the cast really is the character itself.

Unnatural – 10/10

When was the last time I rate a drama this high? I just can't find any unsatisfactory in this drama! If death brings sadness, then a coroner brings truth. Unnatural death masked as suicide or any unexplainable death needs someone to give the dead justice and that is exactly what this drama is about. Finding out the truth and do justice. It reveals what horrible things the dead went through before their last breath.

Also, I recommend the theme song Lemon by Kenshi Yonezu! The lyrics are beautiful in describing death and parting so I recommend turning on the captions too.


To All The Boys I've Loved — 8/10

It was... so sweet. Like the kind of love that will only appear in a cheesy romantic Netflix film kinda sweet. Peter Kavinsky was such an eye candy and campus crush. It reminds you of the little fuzzy feelings you get when you have a crush back in school days.

Kingdom — 8/10

After Train to Busan, we now have a zombie series based on Joseon dynasty! If you don't already know, I'm a huge fan of historical stuff! I love dramas based on the (Asian) dynasty and this was a whole new thing. I love how they don't play when it comes to the props, settings and makeup. Some part of it made me gag a little and the zombies really do look creepy as well. I'm looking forward to watching Season two!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — 7.5/10

If you are a fan of chilling, creepy or anything related to the other side, you are gonna love this series. Its a story about a half Witch fighting different demons, deciding whether she should stay mortal or turn full witch and rebelling against the God her whole family dedicates their lives to, which in this case is Satan. Every episode felt like they are always celebrating Halloween and Sabrina's house always seem foggy and surrounded by dried branches, just like the perfect atmosphere for a chilling adventure, mhmm.


Sensei Kunshu — 6/10

The manga itself was quite a comedy tag, I'm glad they did manage to slip the funny side in! Very typical "in love with my teacher" plot Japanese manga have but I just can't not give it a try! It was a manga I enjoyed and I'm pleasantly surprised by their choice of casts. I thought of Shohei Miura before watching since he was pretty good in Daytime Shooting Star as a teacher, but Ryoma Takeuchi was an unexpectedly fitting actor for this character as well. However, I still find the movie too plain for my liking. There wasn't really a climax and everything was just boring flat.

My Little Monster — 6.5/10

Suda Masaki as Haru! I loved the manga and was thrilled when I saw the live action on KissAsian. Haru's character is one of the purest even with a not-so-happy childhood, he's literally still a baby that takes my uwu and never have I imagined he'd be this soft and fluffy.

What's your latest favourite drama or movies?



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