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Why I Unsubscribed Most Beauty Channel

Most people have that phase of time where our YouTube list is filled with different beauty channels and we all enjoy watching them brush the magic on their face. It was new and inspiring, it was fun.

I grew up watching crayon shinchan, old Taiwanese dramas and Michelle Phan on Youtube. I loved how this beautiful Asian lady comes up with new ideas every video, from game characters to Kpop idol, but I also loved how calm and soothing her voice is. I enjoyed every single video despite not knowing how to even do makeup since I was like nine years old. And at this point of time, it's not hard to tell that she's the first ever beauty channel I subscribed to. Later came Bubzbeauty where I learnt how to tie different hairstyles through her video, and that's when I kind of stopped finding new channels to follow. I was satisfied with the content provided at that time but I guess something happened and Michelle just suddenly disappeared. Years later I'm still confused with what happened, but I would appreciate it if you can share with me what you know!

Back in those days, beauty channels were about sharing cool makeup looks, tips on how to treat your hair and how to tie cute hairstyles with short hair. Now in 2019, the beauty community is all about tea and shade. Don't get me wrong. I love all those tea, I love the dramas because they never fail to surprise me on how stupid a human can be. And I recently found out that the only beauty "guru" (I hate this name for some reason) I'm subscribed to is Jeffree Star. Yes, the most controversial beauty YouTuber of all time. I see growth in him, growth in an adult who is willing to change for a better. And maybe that's the reason why he's the only "new" or latest beauty channel I subscribed to because the other one down my list is still Michelle Phan despite her almost fully retiring YouTube.

If you are aware of what's going on in the beauty community, you would know the recent drama going on with James Charles and Tati. Girl, I had a good time on Twitter. I have seen James appear in Jeffree's video a few times but he never managed to charm me enough to be a subscriber. I always thought he was the kind that is fun to hang out with but can never be the real friend where you have a heart-to-heart talk with, and maybe I'm right on that. After watching Tati's video on the drama, I honestly think James needs someone to help him realize that friendship isn't always about benefitting oneself. Meet new people, expand your circle but never, ever use someone who is there for you all along while you're through it. Also, never betray your reader's trust. There was this screenshot conversation between him and a drama channel, where he wanted to have a good time at Coachella so badly he was willing to do anything for that and it disgusts me. Just imagine following a YouTuber thinking that you can trust the things he promotes, little did you know that all he wanted was have a good time at an event so he's just going to promote anything to a bunch of people who trusted him without even really testing it out.

Not to mention if what James did to the waiter and other boys is true, James is a predator. You can't manipulate someone's sexuality. Not when they're unclear themselves, not when they are a hundred percent sure they aren't gay, not in any situation should you manipulate someone's sexuality just so it can benefit you. And I wonder who gave them the right to decide that all straight men are a little gay. Gabriel Zamora especially seems to have a lot to say which I don't really know why. Is it because he's a friend of James Charles? Or is it because he thinks defending James would make him stand out with the "Keep it 100"? He managed to slip and survive from the drama between the four & Jeffree Star, got a second chance to get his shit together but yet again he is back poking his nose into someone else's drama all worked up like he's the one mainly involved. I don't get it.

The only thing changed in the beauty community is that beauty guru can no longer mind their own business. People used to only focus on their channel and busy creating content, busy fighting off haters but now, most are busy social-climbing and busy getting involved in other people's drama. I enjoy all the tea spill and drama, yet I can't help but miss the old community sometimes. I have subscribed and unsubscribed many beauty channels, but I don't regret keeping my list of beauty channel short and sweet.



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