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Moon Diary 011

Hey there, humans from the outside world. How have you been? My life update series is back with a new name again, with my tranquillity and feeling saner these days.

//  On Life

— I started taking more pictures last month since I created an Instagram account for my blog, after years of avoiding it. I have always viewed Instagram as a "must-show-your-face" social media and I don't particularly see it as a must for this blog where I write about my crazy mind and life, yet I realize how wrong I was for thinking that. Now, it could be the perfect platform for me to share all my scattered captures in my camera roll, those left aside since I don't have the most aesthetic and matching grid for them on my personal Instagram, I thought an account dedicated for my curated photos are also the best as my blog's Instagram. Therefore, you will be seeing more pictures taken by me on this blog and of course on my Instagram, so do follow me over there as well heh.

— Feeling restless at work. I won't call myself a true perfectionist. I am a lazy perfectionist, the not so hardcore one unlike how most would describe a Virgo, but I find it hard to be milder when it comes to wanting to be the better one or feeling competitive. Working in retail means stress over sales and honestly, the hardest thing to predict is the crowd and their buying power. Seeing the day I work on has low sales makes me feel so incapable. I doubt if I'm really useful as an employee and would feel like the worst sometimes. It used to push me to become better and improve on my sales talk, but lately I'm feeling more and more impotent, to a point where I want to give up on trying. I don't wanna give up so easily so I'm still pulling through and finding ways to improve, but it's hard.

— I'm writing more nowadays and I'm thrilled! I went through so many periods where I completely ignored this small space of mine for months just because I don't feel motivated enough to sit down and write. However, it's the opposite recently! I have so many thoughts and opinions, so many things I want to write down and can't wait to share, and I'm so happy about that.

— After almost a year and a half, I finally went to the cinema for a movie. Ugh, I nearly forgot how it felt to see the big screen, and also how annoying kids who can't sit still and can't hold their leg from kicking the front seat can be. I won't say it was a mindblowing movie but the CG was pretty cool. I enjoyed eating popcorns too.


cred: BTSOrbit

Sprinkling flowers, throwing confetti, it's 6 years with my boys! No words can describe how proud I am for all that they have achieved and how thankful I am towards that primary school friend who introduced BTS to me in 2013. I still vividly remember how BTS was mocked and looked down on in the past but look at where they are now. Influencing millions of people from all over the world, spreading positive messages, doing charity and participating in the UNICEF Love Myself campaign; raising funds to support child and teen victims of domestic violence.

Keep making good music, keep dancing, keep singing, keep rapping. Don't ever stop doing things that makes you happy. You never fail to make me proud. Purple you <3

Currently Watching

Going through an empty phase. New dramas everywhere but none piques me...

Season 4 was honestly a little too slow paced and it felt as though they were dragging the show already, but the last two episodes brought back to "Oooo that's the way" feel so I'm looking forward to what they can bring in Season 5!

Before We Get Married
A drama that challenges your morals. I'm torn whilst watching because it's against mine but I'm trying to keep an open mind. Infidelity is one of the things I can't accept and it's devastating to watch a drama about it from the cheating party's point of view. Do give it a try and let me know what you think. I really need someone to discuss it with me.

Another Japanese drama that made me go, "Ehhh?", but can't stop watching when new episode comes out. The story is dragging and I'm starting to get annoyed. However, I just love how J-Dramas always got a way to make the somewhat sexual scene so sophisticated and beautiful instead of the messy and "beast-like" the western dramas has. If you are looking for a meaningful and quality dramas, this is definitely not the one you're looking for but if you just want to kill time, you can give it a try.

On being grateful for Singapore

Scrolling through Twitter and Instagram greeted by news from other countries since last month - Indonesia's riot, Hongkong's protest, and Sudan's crisis. I can go on and on about how the outside world seems to have the brighter rainbow or rounder moon, how ridiculously expensive Singapore is for people to live in, but there's one thing I will forever be grateful for. And that is the safety in Singapore. I'm not living in fear here in Singapore but there's people out there risking their life to fight for their own freedom and rights. I can't seem to find the right words to say about that but my heart goes to all the fellow people out there. Stay safe.

Until next time xoxo.



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